Sing With Us!

Why sing with the Metropolitan Chorale? Ask our members!


There is nothing quite so glorious as the human voice, and by singing chorally we do honor to those musicians who have written music to showcase the vocal instrument in its greatest form.

When you’re putting on the show, you want it to be nothing short of great and this group never lets me down.

Dr. Graham’s stewardship of the vocal repertoire is a breathtaking ride that makes rehearsals and concerts an utter joy.

The chorus has the perfect balance between camaraderie among the members and a strong work ethic to strive for musical excellence.

Lisa is an amazingly gifted conductor—smart, inspiring, and funny!

I love how it makes me feel—happy, proud and humming thoughout the week!

Interested in auditioning? Get in touch!

We rehearse Tuesday evenings from 7:30 to 10:00 at All Saints Parish, 1773 Beacon St, Brookline